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Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Brand of Educator

Alhamdulillah, I’m being posted into a spectacular school, which is always produce high quality students. There are several things need to be consider among us, three new posted educators.

Excitement of First Salary

Normally, new posted educators do not get our salary for several months. May be two, three or postpone until next year February, which means we got empty pocket approximately 5 months. But, it still based on the effectiveness of school clerk, the person who manages our service’s payment. This is my pay slip… our first salary, we get in December, alhamdulillah.

Ok, sort of. I’ve spent it some for….

Treat my family… approximately RM100
Treat my friends, teachers of same school... RM200+
Buy stuff… RM200+
Cover up car’s damage during accident … RM1400
Spend for laptop (expecting it on this becoming January) … RM2000
Marriage … RM500 (every month saving)
Emergency saving … Rm100 (monthly saving)
Takaful … RM100 (monthly saving)
Tabung Haji saving (for Umrah or Haji) … RM100 (monthly saving)
Long Term saving (at ASB) … RM100 (monthly saving)

and some more ….
I give some of my first salary to my mom but she refuse.

‘Its ok. You spent a lot for the car’s recovery’

But yet, I still want to give something to her.

My monthly service’s payment….

Root salary = RM1901.08
Gov Service Allowance = RM 300.00
Living Cost Allowance = RM 200.00 (elaun sara hidup- based on the school placed)
Rural – RM100
City - RM 200
Metro City – RM300
Living Place Allowance = RM 250.00 (elaun rumah- after teacher’s post confirmation interview)

KWSP - RM 200.00
But since we are not going through a teacher’s post confirmation interview yet, we just earn RM2200+ each month, not including Living Place Allowance.

PALACE to be Living

Since my school is located 30km away from home, 20 minutes of driving with busy traffic line which cause 10 minutes over delay, plus… I get evening school session for 2010. I need to be in school compound at 12.30pm, and get ‘berambus’ at 6.45pm. My parents say it’s not worthy if I rent a house (or room) nearby because of highly cost of house’s payment, food cost, and plus, plus….
Then, my mom suggests me to apply the fellow’s position. But as a fellow, I will not qualify to get these allowances:

Living Place Allowance = RM 250.00
Living Cost Allowance = RM 200.00
RM 450.00

Ok, maybe u will think… just RM450.00, not a big deal to loose. How about this?
Now, we will not get our Living Place Allowance temporarily, until the post confirmation interview. We expecting the payments during Nov, 2010 and it will be cumulative value from Oct 2009 till Nov 2010:

RM250 ÷ 31 × 6 = RM48.39 Oct, 2009

RM250 X 13 months = RM3250 Nov, 2009 – Nov, 2010

Not a big deal, huh? So, for those who decided to be a fellow just because of easily living, rethink, pal... ^^
But, that doesn’t mean that u are totally screwed if u be a fellow. U will get the Fellow’s Allowance which I m not really sure its exact value. Just jot down the strength and weakness for doing so, before make a decision. Its not just about money. Now, find a pen and a piece of paper, jot….

School Holidays

‘No, u don’t have any off day during these school break’ my Headmaster said.

Sucks. Even Penolong Kanan 1 will stay on duty just for a week during the school holiday. But, we (three new posted teachers) need to work for the whole entire school break. See? I want to kill anyone who said

‘be a teacher? So easy with bunch off day’

As a new teacher, or for someone who dedicates her life as an educator (like me), didn’t get any off day is not a problem at all. But, going to school for doing nothing? It makes me hot, really. Yes, we ordered to make some editing job for next year Takwim Persekolahan. We, three musketeers, cooperate with eight GSTT (Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih- persons who have bachelor but not an educational one) try to finish it on time. But the work did not spread fair and square. GSTT carried full responsible of the Takwim and we are just ‘menumpang’. Lack of work, get bored with no internet either, make me sooo…… HUH !!!

Subjects will be teaching

Yes, we hope we’ll be teaching our own subject for the next year, based on our major studies. But the subjects will divide up among teachers according to student’s need. Obviously, not put us as priority …. Haha

So, I’ll be an English and Science teacher for the next year. They will call me as Miss Eya. Alhamdulillah, perfect timing to improve my English. For becoming April 2010, I’ll be publishing some good article without any grammatical error (unlike this one) …Heh heh heh

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